“VOICE” as a marketing medium comes in many forms

1. VOICE BROADCASTING — is the delivery of a pre-recorded voice message, to many recipients. The message is consistent, and is always the same, but is delivered to many individuals. Messages may end up in the recipient’s telephone voicemail box, or may be played live to who ever answers the phone. Read More

2. VOICE MAIL BROADCASTING — A system delivering a pre-recorded message strictly to recipient’s voicemail box. If a live person answers, the message will not play out. Some systems are sensitive to the multitude of answering systems and may not deliver message correctly into voicemail, without the message being partially cut off. Other systems are much more sensitive, and have 100% accuracy. Read More

3. VOICECASTING® — Is a ringless voice message delivery system, for the purposes of b2c marketing. The recipient’s phone will never ring, while a message is being delivered into their voice mail box. Read More

4. VOICE MAIL COURIER® — a B2B voice mail marketing tool used to boost response rates on marketing & sales initiatives. We take a personal message recorded by you and navigate complex business phone systems to deliver the message to the right contacts voice mail box. This system handles receptionists, phone extensions, and dial by name phone menus, to reach the right person. When your contact hears the message, they assume you called and left them a message. This method is a way to bring back the personal touch to your marketing efforts, which has been lost in the clutter of email and direct mail. Read More

5. LIVE CALL CENTER — Live operator call center that will locate the correct contact and read a script to a live recipient, relay information, and confirm data. Read More

6. TEXT TO SPEECH — A system delivering a personalized voice broadcasting message. Each message will mention the recipient’s personal name, and other personal details. Read More

7. POLLCASTING® — Is a Survey voice broadcasting system, which collects information on a questionnaire. Read More